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Love Story: Firoja Khilji (Alaudin Khilji Daughter) & Biramdev, King Of Jalore

Firoja Khilji Love Story

Alauddin Khilji called Kanhadadev, the Jalore King to Delhi. Jalore was the only kingdom that Alauddin Khilji had not added up in his empire. Kanhadadev sent his heir to the kingdom Biram Dev(Rao Vikram Dev Chauhan). Biram Dev was incited by Khilji to have an arm wrestling match with his feared wrestler Punju. 


Amid the match, Khilji had arranged to harm Biram Dev to death. But Biram Dev was an excellent wrestler and he defeated Punju effectively. Firoza was watching this match close by Alauddin Khilji experienced passionate feelings for Biram Dev. Firoza disclosed to her dad Alauddin Khilji that she will either marry Biram Dev or nobody else and will murder herself in the event that she didn’t get him. 


Alauddin Khilji was in desperate straits at his girl’s diktats and had no choice yet to run with a proposal to Birma Dev to wed Firoza. Khilji clarified that Biram Dev has to accept Islam and wed Firoza. Biram Dev had no choice and has to agree for marriage and he said he will come and accompany marriage parade with family and companions back to Delhi. But as soon as he reached Jalore, Biram Dev rejected the marriage proposal with Firoza. 


At same time Ulugh Khan, a general of Khilji had stripped Sarnath and taken the Shivling from that point. Biram Dev assaulted Ulugh Khan armed force and defeated them and reclaimed the Shivling. Khilji got exceptionally irate on Biram Dev and sent a gigantic armed force to attack Jalore. The commander Kamaluddin Gurg blockaded stronghold of Jalore and for a long time, there was a battle and Kanhadadev and Biram Dev died to safeguard Jalore. The post was stripped by Khilji’s military and numerous individuals were murdered and numerous Rajput ladies committed Jauhar. 


When Firoza came to know about Biram Dev death she killed herself finishing this one side relationship.

Bappa Rawal

Bappa Rawal


Bappa Rawal played an important role in the Battle of Rajasthan fought in the 8th century AD between the rulers of North-Western India and the Arabs of Sindh, in which the Indian rulers inflicted a resounding defeat on the invading Arabs. In the starting of the 8th century, Arab Muslims started attacking India within a few decades of the birth of Islam, which was basically an extension of invasion of Persia. In order to safeguard from Muslim invasions across the western and northern borders of India, Bappa united the smaller states of Ajmer and Jaisalmer to stop the attacks. Bappa Rawal fought and defeated the Arabs in the country and turned the tide for a while. Bin Qasim was able to defeat Dahir in Sindh but his expansion halted by Bappa Rawal. Some accounts say that Qasim attacked Chittor, which was ruled by Mori Rajputs. Bappa, of Guhilot dynasty, was a commander in Mori army and so was Dahir’s son. Bappa defeated and pursued Bin Qasim through Saurashtra and back to the western banks of the Sindhu. He then marched on to Ghazni and defeated the local ruler Salim and after nominating a representative returned to Chittor. After Raja Mori named Bappa Rawal his successor and crowned him King of Chittor, Bappa Rawal and his armies invaded various kingdoms including Kandahar, Khorasan, Turan, Ispahan, Iran and made them vassals of his kingdom. Thus he not only defended India’s frontiers but for a brief period was able to expand them.


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